Nightmare: intruder

In this nightmare, I wake up in the middle of the night in my room. The sound of heavy footsteps jerks me awake. I immediately don’t recognize them as any of my family members’ and I begin to panic.
I reach for my phone to quietly call my parents but I can’t find it anywhere.
I want to run to them and tell them to leave but I know it’s not the safest option.
Will he see me and kill me? Will he hear my steps and go on a killing frenzy with my whole family?
I quietly go to my closet and hide under piles of clothes. I wait patiently hoping that he’s just a burglar or that he’ll go away.
Instead, I hear him going into each bedroom and killing everyone one by one. I can hear they’re last gasps right before he cuts their throats. Those moments kill me. Those moments are when they realize what’s about to happen but they can’t fully register that they’re lives are literally being cut short.
My cousin, my sister, my parents. All are dead. But there’s one more closed door.
He lingers by my door. He traces his knife on my door and the sound makes me cringe.
He comes in and knows immediately that I’m hiding. He’s more excited because I’ll be more scared than the others. I know my family is dead. I know what’s coming for me.

When I sleep I don’t wake up in a world where I can escape reality. I can’t do things unimaginable in the real world. Nothing is carefree when I fall into a slumber.Instead, my stresses and deepest fears manifest themselves into terrible, horrific nightmares. There’s no escape. I wake up feeling uptight and stressed.
I want to sleep. I don’t want to dream. I just want darkness. I want complete darkness so my body can heal and so my mind can rest. I want to sleep so the weight of the world can stop crushing me.

Have you ever had a nightmare where you were the last person on Earth?

I have this recurring dream where I wake up and it’s such a beautiful day but I notice that it is strangely quiet. I can’t hear the hum of cars or the laughing from the kids who skateboard on my driveway. I feel so lonely.

I always end up wandering around, looking for anybody. But as I get further and further away from home, my surroundings begin to change. The sky turns to gray, the flowers wither, and the warm air becomes stinging cold.

These dreams are some of the scariest I’ve had.

Nightmare: alley

We were walking at night in the city. It’s late and nobody is around.

You took me by the hand and told me there was a surprise waiting at the end of an alley. I walked ahead like a fool, eager to see what you arranged for me.

I was confused when I reached the brick wall at the end. When I turned around to look at you, you struck me with a wooden plank.

I hit the floor. You kicked me and punched my throat and slammed my head onto the pavement. I couldn’t feel the pain. I only felt helpless.

You stood up, stomped on my face, spat on me, straightened up your jacket, and left.

shit i had the scariest-apocalyptic-anthrax-plague-everyone-dies nightmare

and i want to write all about it but i cant even put it all into words

Nightmare: bedroom corner

This was a few nights after I saw some horror videos.

My bedroom was pitch black. Though the door was closed, I felt a presence enter the room.

I was in bed and my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. I was facing the wall but in my peripherals, I saw a figure in the ceiling corner across from my bed. It was all black but had a white face and a long, skinny nose. It was watching me.

I was terrified. I thought that if I just lay still, it wouldn’t touch me.

But then I felt it in my bed, laying next to me. I felt it breathing on me. I felt it drag a long fingernail down my spine. The finger followed back up to my neck and I didn’t dare breathe. It stuck its long fingernails through my throat and tilted my head back so I would choke on my own blood.

Nightmare: bath

It was so realistic.

I “woke up” in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

I turned on the bathroom light and when I walked in, I was drawn to the bath tub. I blinked my eyes and the tub was full of a thick, reddish-brown liquid. This alarmed me so I quickly turned around to get my parents but there was a dark figure standing there. It pushed me in the tub with my legs hanging out so I couldn’t get up.

As I struggled, my mouth opened and the liquid tasted metallic. Blood.

The figure pulled me out with its hands clasped around my neck. My hair was matted to my face and the blood was everywhere. I could barely make out that the figure was me.

I-well it- took a needle and injected a liquid into my neck and I went numb. I was totally paralyzed but I was aware of my surroundings. It then submerged my entire body in the blood and left.

posting a few nightmares i had a while ago

before i forget them all

Nightmare: running

I dreamt that I was home alone and I went outside to go check the mail.

There was a car facing the house and I saw a few men waiting in it with menacing faces. They got out and started walking towards me so I started running back to my house. I was running as fast as I could, pushing my legs as hard as I could, but I was stationary.

They were getting closer and I wasn’t getting anywhere. Right before they got me, I somehow made it in the house. I locked all the doors and windows because they somehow all opened in the two minutes I was outside.

The men were trying to get in the house, testing all the windows and doors. I hid in the bathtub where they wouldn’t be able to see me.

They made it in the house and by the end of the dream I was laying in my blood, dead, in the bathtub.

Nightmare: my father in a “Saw” movie

I had this nightmare when I was 11 and forced to watch the first two Saw movies on Halloween.

The scene looks exactly like this:

except the man chained up was replaced with my father.

He was told that if he didn’t figure out how to free himself, my mother, sister, and I would be killed.

I remember seeing him cry and yell out in frustration because he couldn’t find a key anywhere. And then, like in the movie, he resorted to sawing off his leg. He tried to pull himself to the only exit with his arms but he just died.

And then I woke up, crying of course, and I went to my parents’ room to make sure that they were okay.