cry baby cry
until you can’t
until you sleep
until you dream of a better tomorrow

the rain
will you articulate yourself?

wavering through heavy and light
catch a breath and make some sense

Neurotic Narcotics
Neurotic Narcotics
Neurotic Narcotics

Neurotic Narcotics
Neurotic Narcotics
Neurotic Narcotics

love sleeping with the window open

to hear distant cars whir
and leaves rustle
to feel cold air brush my skin
to see a thin crescent, silver in the sky

Autumn Air

Let’s go on a stroll together
We’ll wait for the leaves to fall
and the air to smell like cinnamon.

There’s a mist about the air
and the roads have a dampness to them
damp with anticipation for winter

The air is cold and tickles your skin
Cozy and warm between layers
and our eyes pull down with contentment

the lining in my uterus is causing me so much pain
it is starting to rain

out of my vagina

eager for the note
i read hungrily with a smile on my face.
the words
the wretched words.
they only bring about disappointment
tears swell and fall
the pain in my chest is unbearable.
it hurts, but i can’t stop myself from reading it over and over


waited for hours.

and nothing


your world yesterday.

and today?

the dirt beneath your feet.

i feel devilish

with the chocolate wrappings beside the bed

past the midnight snack

devilish, chocolatey grin

silly goose

silly billy dilly willy nilly gilly milly filly hilly pilly goose




no moose